EPE are lighting designers and installers, this means that we not only know the right equipment to use, but how to use it. For live music event festoon or car park installation, EPE will endeavor to source and install the lighting for the task.

Site Lighting

For temporary events or permanent installation, the importance of providing lighting for public areas, security, egress routes and aesthetics are important parts of all planning. We can help from the initial designing of lighting required through to commissioning and maintaining the project.

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Emergency Lighting

For any event operating in the dark or indoors, emergency lighting is a usual part of the risk assessment and evacuation plan. EPE will work with you to design a system that ensures the safe egress of the staff and public during a fault or emergency situation using battery back up devices.

Task Lighting

In many circumstances, such as exhibition stands, craft shows and catering environments, general site lighting might not be enough. EPE can provide more intense lighting in particular areas to enable the staff or visitors to see the goods or perform tasks. This is achieved by understanding the needs of the project and designing a solution that increases the lighting sources or directs lighting more appropriately.
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Architectural Lighting

Once the essentials are covered, the planning should switch to the atmospheric lighting. Whether wanting to uplight a stately home for a wedding or providing a light show for a large audience, EPE can design and install both temporary and permanent solutions.

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