Hire a 100kVA Generator. Our quiet running and very fuel efficient generators are ideal for your needs. We ensure that your generator is serviced and tested before it leaves our warehouse to make sure your power runs smoothly, without a hitch.

GPS Tracking and Live Reporting
Our generators are all fitted with GPS and data tracking to ensure that they are running in top condition while with you. Our remote monitoring helps prevent any issues before they arise.

Fuel Management
Need the generator for an extended period of time? All of our generators are supplied with hose connections to allow for the connection of an external fuel tank to extend running time. We can arrange for fuel top ups throughout your hire period.

Not sure what size generator you need?
Use our Generator Calculators to work out what size generator you need or give us a call on 01202 798697

Generator Size (Primary 50Hz) 100kVA
Synchronised Available
Maximum Load 80kW
Maximum Capacity 125A per phase
Fuel Tank Size 185L (280L)
Fuel Consumption Idle 5L/hr
Fuel Consumption 50% Load 12.5L/hr
Fuel Consumption 70% Load 15.7L/hr
Fuel Consumption 100% Load 23.6L/hr
SPL at 75% of Prime Power 67dBA @ 7m
Length 258cm (304cm)
Width 113cm (120cm)
Height 164cm (180cm)
Weight 1650kg (2355kg)

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All figures are subject to change and are used as a guideline. Please contact an Engineer for assistance with planning.