Event Power Engineering really shine at Christmas.
Our aim is to work with local councils and place management companies to provide a unique solution to increase footfall and bring smiles to millions.

From the initial introduction through to the wash up meeting, you will have a single point of contact for your whole project. Your Contract Engineer will meet you on site and walk through the place to be illuminated to understand your place’s commercial areas and points of interest. They will also listen to what may or may not have worked in the past and what you feel is the future.

Once back in the office the Engineer will design various options that will best suit your needs and budget. These ideas will then be transformed into a visual presentation for you to browse through at your leisure or to show other Councillors or Board Members.


Whether you are wanting to utilise existing stock, buy new or a hire option, Event Power Engineering can help.

If you have your own existing stock, we can store, test, repair or redevelop these as required. Perhaps you want to change the colours without buying all new motifs…

When new products are required we are not tied to a manufacturer or supplier so we can shop around for the highest quality displays and lighting as well as introduce new, turnkey, bespoke ideas from our own warehouse.

The hire option often works out well as there is no cost for storage or repair. You will have piece of mind of a fixed price with no extra costs. This also allows you to have a completely fresh, redesigned scheme for each contract period.


Before any installation can take place, the location needs to be prepared ready for the products.

The Event Power Engineering team are members of the Institute of Lighting Professionals who have written the guide on the Installation of Season Decorations and use this as our best practice guide.

Our in house team of Engineers will install and test anchor points where needed in line with The Construction Fixings Association Guidance Note on BS 8539:2012. Our testing Engineers are qualified by the CFA for Proof Testing of Anchor Points and once testing is completed a certificate is issued.

Any electrical improvements will be carried out and certified by our HERS registered Electrical Engineers using professional equipment suited to the environment. These can include additional power supplies, introducing timers and changing connections.


We aim to install the scheme around a week before the switch on. This allows time for snagging and piece of mind for the client. Our team will work the hours best suited to the environment, typically for town centres, city centres or shopping centres this will be overnight.

All of our Engineers follow our risk assessments and method statements unique to each project and work in a courteous and considerate manner. Our Engineers are qualified to IPAF standards when using powered access equipment and all hold an ECS HERS card.

Once the installation is complete, we will invite the client for a demonstration meeting to see the lighting operating prior to the switch on. After this, and snags can be carried out before the installation is signed off.


When the big day comes, you can be safe in the knowledge that the scheme will be switched on without a hitch. We will have the appropriate number of Engineers on site to liven the displays and will be on communication the event organisers.

Once energised, we can arrange for one of our local Engineers to visit the scheme for planned maintenance and inspection to ensure that all products are working correctly.

All of our clients have access to our Online Support System. Using this they can take photos and log any faults online, by mobile app, by email or over the phone. Our team will respond within minutes and arrange for the appropriate course of action. By returning to the support system, the fault can be tracked and you will be informed when it has been rectified.


When the 12th night comes and Christmas has officially finished Event Power Engineering carry on. We will switch off all the displays and lights on the prearranged date and within days the scheme will be removed and transported to storage.

Storage can be at your location or ours. Our warehouse is secure, alarmed and insured to hold equipment belonging to us or others.

We will typically request a meeting shortly after the scheme has been removed to gain feedback and thoughts on improvements for the following year while this is fresh in our minds.

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