TO BS 7671 & BS 7909

Providing Engineered Power Solutions for events of all scales from small village fetes to large music festivals, at EPE, we know that design is the most important part of any electrical system. That’s why we pride ourselves on our 3 part system planning process. For all electrical systems, EPE are fully compliant with BS 7671 and for temporary events, we comply with BS 7909.


As part of the planning process, your Project Engineer will calculate the required consumption including, where necessary, diversification. They will then explain different options available and work with you to select the most cost effective and environmentally friendly solution. Some events and everyday tasks are too important to rely solely on one power source. EPE can supply and install back up generator solutions in the event of power failure. The generator sets are supplied with Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) switch over panels so that in the event of a power failure, the generator will automatically switch on and liven the system. We also have a range of automated battery systems that can provide 24 hour off grid power without the cost and noise of running a generator through the night. Our Engineers can also test the supply and issue a certificate to ensure the supply is safe to use.


Designing an event electrical system is no simple task which is why your dedicated Project Engineer will oversee the process from the initial briefing through to completion. We all know that changes are inevitable, which is why flexibility and redundancy is built into every system to allow for additional concessions, lighting and safety systems to be connected with minimal fuss.


Not only will we supply and maintain the electrical system, but our Engineers are on hand to manage the fuel for your event.

As an event manager, there are numerous other aspects to your event for you to consider without having to worry about fuel. Fuel levels can be monitored by our on site Engineers or remotely to ensure that your generators are kept topped up. We can also facilitate the refuelling of plant, lighting towers, access equipment and vehicles.


EPE are lighting designers and installers, this means that we not only know the right equipment to use, but how to use it. For live music event festoon or car park installation, EPE will endeavor to source and install the lighting for the task.

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