Event Power Engineering Ltd have a team of qualified Lighting Designers, Electricians and Engineers that work together to ensure that your project is managed and executed in a timely and efficient manner. Along with the services listed below, you can be sure that EPE comply with all health and safety regulations and will supply copies of our Health and Safety policy, Risk Assessments, Safe Working Practices and qualifications for all projects. We also hold insurance policies to the highest amount required in our industry, such as Public Liability to £10million. Upon completion of an installation, for both temporary and permanent, our Engineers and Electricians will sign of the system and supply relevant certification.

Power Supply

At EPE we consider both short and long term solutions to supply power for your event. Its great to have an existing mains supply for your event, but if not, we can supply you with different options to achieve an alternative that economic and environmentally friendly.

Existing Supply

As part of the planning process, your Project Engineer will calculate the required consumption including where necessary diversification. They will then explain how your supply will suit the needs and if this supply will need to be topped up at peak times with an alternative supply. Some events and everyday tasks are too important to rely solely on an existing power supply. EPE can supply and install back up generator solutions in the event of power failure. The generator sets are supplied with Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) switch over panels so that in the event of a power failure, the generator will automatically switch on and liven the system.

Installed Supply

For long term or regular events, we will evaluate the option for the installation of a permanent supply. The initial outlay can be offset by the lower running costs and reduced carbon footprint. We will approach and liaise with your local DNO (Distribution Network Operator) at all parts of the process to ensure the correct supply is delivered.

Temporary Supply

When the event is short or an installed supply is not feasible a temporary supply such as generators would be the solution. We will design the system with the correct units to allow for fuel economy, redundancy and cost efficiency. We have the options for back up generators and back up battery packs that can run during periods of high power draw or in the unlikely event that the main generator or power supply was to fail. As part of our commitment to environment and in line with our Environmental Policy, we will always offer the option of Biodiesel generators.
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Power Distribution

Providing power for events of all scales from small village fetes to large music festivals, at EPE, we know that Engineering is the most important part of any electrical system. That's why we pride ourselves on our 3 part system planning process. For all electrical systems, EPE are fully compliant with BS 7671 and for temporary events, we comply with BS 7909.

Primary Distribution

The big stuff. Moving heavy power around the event to ensure that you have enough capacity in each location is important. This is also where we plan for redundancy within the system and by spending time at the drawing table, we can reduce costs and increase reliability, helping to make your event the success it should be.

Secondary Distribution

Using high quality cable and connectors as well as a trained and conscientious team, our well designed, neatly installed system will be reliable and safe. Cable ramps and elevated routes are a couple of ways we can keep the cables tidy and reduce the risk to others.

Consumer Distribution

It is all well and good having the power in the right place, but not much good if the end user cannot connect. During the planning stages we comb through the information gathered to ensure that everyone can plug in. We use RCD protected boards where possible at every stage including at the consumer end to reduce nuisance tripping and down time from faulty consumer equipment.


EPE are lighting designers and installers, this means that we not only know the right equipment to use, but how to use it. For live music event festoon or car park installation, EPE will endeavor to source and install the lighting for the task.

Site Lighting

For temporary events or permanent installation, the importance of providing lighting for public areas, security, egress routes and aesthetics are important parts of all planning. We can help from the initial designing of lighting required through to commissioning and maintaining the project.

Emergency Lighting

For any event operating in the dark or indoors, emergency lighting is a usual part of the risk assessment and evacuation plan. EPE will work with you to design a system that ensures the safe egress of the staff and public during a fault or emergency situation using battery back up devices.

Task Lighting

In many circumstances, such as exhibition stands, craft shows and catering environments, general site lighting might not be enough. EPE can provide more intense lighting in particular areas to enable the staff or visitors to see the goods or perform tasks. This is achieved by understanding the needs of the project and designing a solution that increases the lighting sources or directs lighting more appropriately.

Architectural Lighting

Once the essentials are covered, the planning should switch to the atmospheric lighting. Whether wanting to uplight a stately home for a wedding or providing a light show for a large audience, EPE can design and install both temporary and permanent solutions.

Christmas Lighting

One of the largest sectors of the company and bringing smiles and joy to thousands across the country, EPE are responsible for installing seasonal lighting decorations for many towns and cities in the UK. From a country house Christmas lighting event to city wide festive lighting scheme, EPE have the right products and Engineers for the job. Sourcing lighting products from around the world from string lights to custom designed cross street motifs, EPE design, specify install, maintain and store seasonal lighting displays for many private bodies and public councils. Do you have an existing scheme that needs installing or a fresh breath of life? EPE can take responsibility for your existing products, test and restring displays and store ready for this year's festive season.
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