In 2017 Event Power Engineering designed and manufactured our custom battery storage systems for the entertainment and construction industries. Throughout 2017 Event Power Engineering utilised these battery storage systems to reduce our customers’ carbon footprint and reduce their fuel bill saving them thousands of pounds.


To be used with a generator.
When a generator is present the battery storage system is continuously monitoring the power demand and commanding the generator to start or stop. When demand for power is low the battery storage system will command the generator to shut down and the battery storage system will continue to supply Power without any interruption to the system until either the demand for power increases or the battery is running low.
Used with an existing mains power supply
When an existing power supply is present but cannot fulfil the demand needed, or perhaps three phase is needed but only single phase available, the battery storage system can monitor the power demand and top up the existing power needed at peak times and recharge when power demand is low preventing the need for generator.
Quiet time
In the entertainment or construction industries licensing or environmental health might ask you to have times of day/night where the noise pollution has to be reduced. When a generator is present this might mean loosing power to your site all together however the battery storage system is quiet that this can continue through the night removing the interruption in power supply.


  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Reduced fuel expense
  • Reduced noise pollution
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Reducing the need for generator
  • Reducing generator runtime
  • Allowing a generator maintenance without interruption

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All figures are subject to change and are used as a guideline. Please contact an Engineer for assistance with planning.