How do I book?

Published On: July 7th, 2018Categories:

The first step is to request a quotation. The best way of doing this is filling in the form on our Wedding Generator page. We will get a full quotation emailed over within a day or two.

If you are happy with the quotation, we will start the booking process. We will send over a Deposit Invoice and Hire Agreement. Once paid, the Deposit Invoice secures your booking. The Hire Agreement contains our terms and conditions and details of the event. We ask that you read through and check the details to make sure we have everything right and then digitally sign this to confirm you accept.

Around a month before the event, we will get in touch to see if anything has changed and send of the Hire Invoice. The Hire Invoice is to be paid before the event. We will also request a copy of your Photo ID (driver’s license or passport) and a Recent Utility Bill from the past 3 months.

Once the event is finished, we mark down how much fuel is used and refund the Deposit Invoice minus the fuel used.