Dogstival 2019

Having already worked well with Lighthouse Brand Marketing on their first big event venture, Lymington Seafood Festival, Event Power Engineering Ltd were sent plans for a new idea. This event was set in a large estate in the New Forest with access to the beach and was set to attract 1000’s of visitors each day to their 150 trade stands and caterers as well as numerous feature stages and arenas.

We designed a system that would allow for 24 hour power across the entire site that could run from a single generator. This enabled us to provide 24 hour power for 3 days while consuming less that 700 litres of fuel. Our main generator compound consisted of 4 syncronised units that would switch on as demand increases while offering the ultimate in redundancy. This increase in efficiency meant that cable runs were increased, but this was agreed as a small cost against the environmental benefits.

Over the weekend, we had very few issues. Our Engineers responded to 6 reported faults. All of these were due to traders connecting unapproved or untested appliances which caused faults or overloaded their supplies. The impact of each was limited to the individual.

“I cannot speak highly enough of their approach and delivery of our event power. (EPE are) really easy to work with, highly professional and a pleasure to deal with. We felt safe in the knowledge that all the power requirements were in hand, even when we through last minute challenges at them! We will be using them again next year! Thank you!” Domine Nowell – Organiser

Jersey Weekender 2019