What happens if I don’t have all the information when I book or if things change?

Published On: May 18th, 2021Categories:

Once you make an enquiry, we create a project folder for your event. As things are updated or change, we constantly update you project folder to make sure we are providing the best system for you. We understand that coordinating various suppliers means that details will change over time. It is best to let us know when you find out so that we can make sure we have the latest information. We prefer more information than less. Its best to email so that we have a communication trail, but we are happy to chat over the phone if you are more comfortable with this.

Should we feel that as you add or remove the need for power, that we should change the package we have suggested, we will let you know and requote if necessary. It is due to this flexibility that we don’t send over the invoice until around a month before the wedding.